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Genealogy: Strange Doctrines is now in its second iteration. The first had a run from 2003 to 2005. I shut it down so that I could run the suitably anonymous Meta and Meta (2005-2008), as "Q" the Enchanter. I resurrected Strange Doctrines in 2008.


  • I'm a research and writing attorney for the Office of the Federal Public Defender, C.D. Cal. (the opinions expressed herein do not represent the views of my employer, yada-yada-yada...). I sometimes engage in musician behaviors.
  • I was brought up in Barbados, West Indies, where I had a pet monkey named "Togo."
  • Brush with Greatness: I once told Simon Cowell (addressing him, "Hey, guy") to "back off" because he pulled his Bentley (MSRP $370,000 ) too close to my Kia (MSRP $13,000).
  • Sign: Virgo. Thinking about converting to Sagittarius, though—I just find it hard to believe Virgo is an authentic astrological category.
  • I have never been abducted by aliens, though I did wind up marrying one.