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June 20, 2008


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YOU spruced up the "Yr Daily Nietzsche" joke site, at least ein bitchin'. That kid has a rather skewed, PC view of Nietzsche, really--as with his endless rants insisting that Nietzsche approved of jews. Not at all accurate: read AntiChrist, where FN more or less says Xtianity is wrong precisely because of the judean aspects (also recall his rather nasty attack on Paul of Tarsus). FN actually sort of grants that some JC existed, but was sort of a buddhistic holy man, not some OT prophet. Indeed, FN's entire criticism of slave morality (in TGOM, and elsewhere) hinges on his view of jews as chandala (however harsh, that's sort of what it is).

While FN's no Himmler, he's far closer in spirit and tone to Mussolini- style RealPolitik than to American liberalism (and since Nietzsche more or less denies the possibility of normativity altogether, that's certainly a plausible result of Nietzsche's thinking). That's not to say one approves that (or not), but the "Yr Daily Starbucks Nietzsche" dweeb can't quite realize that.

Q the Enchanter

Clearly it's uncommon to encounter views about Nietzsche that aren't skewed...

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